Better Planning Together

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It is no secret that we are better together and plans succeed with many Advisors. Two pairs of eyes and two minds will always see and accomplish more.

We work with Advisors whose time is more valuable spent finding and minding Clients, not grinding out financial plans. As Coadjutant Advisors, who exclusively specialize in assisting Advisors with their financial planning needs.

  • Advisors whose financial planning department does not exist or meet their needs
  • Advisors whose team financial planner is new or retiring
  • Advisors who do not require a full-time financial planner or the overhead
  • Advisors who need excess capacity or want to outsource profitably
  • Advisors who value working with an assistant Advisor specializing in planning

About Us

Student to Apprentice to Journeymen to Master is the trajectory in all vocations. We were students at Fidelity Investments, MFS Investment Management, and Solomon Smith Barney. We were apprenticed at American Express Financial Advisors and Merrill Lynch. We journeyed with Wachovia, LPL Financial, MassMutual, boutique CPA and RIA firms, and eMoney. Now we endeavor to serve as your quartermaster and logistics branch of your financial planning needs.

Our first planning advice was considering a law degree with a full scholarship to William & Mary versus no scholarship to Georgetown. Our first financial plans was for a retiring schoolteacher. Our most interesting plans were professional athletes and a Super Bowl Half-Time entertainer. However, hundreds of plans later for people in every conceivable profession and financial situation. We stand on the shoulders of dozens of Advisors and bring their advice to bear in assisting you in financial planning for your Clients.